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Kartick Das Baul is a renowned Baul singer from Gushkara, Shantiniketan in West Bengal. Starting with the Other Festival in December 2001 , in Chennai , Kartick collaborated with Oikyotaan and infused different forms of Baul music into their repertoire. He is a well established performer who has worked with various world music organizations in Japan ,Berlin and the U.S for their festivals .He is the main protagonist in the documentary film, ¡¯Notun Projomner Baul¡¯, or ¡®The new generation Baul¡¯, which is the culmination of fiveyears of work with Oikyotaan

Kartick was also an integral part of the presentation of Dehotawtto and Fakiri songs at the World Sacred Music Festival in Berlin in December ,2003. The Oikyotaan research platform is working towards organizing a grant to establish an Ashram for Kartick , which will serve as a database and networking centre for Baul music and its philosophy.